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    Only Living Boy In New York //  Dan Wilson

    This is a pretty great tribute to Paul Simon.

    (via copycats)

    Social Media Explained - Passover Edition

    I thought @Houstorian would like this find at BJ Oldies. #antiques #houston



    Jack Kirby poses as Captain America

    Seems like a good time to dig this one out of the archives.

    (via themarvelageofcomics)

    How is Ms. Marvel Changing Media for the Better?

    View of the #Montrose fire from the Galleria area.

    One post and you’re asking if I love you? Did @Everypostme just give me The Mosby? #himym

    Testing out @Everypostme to post to multiple platforms. It has some nice features to help access & share online content via mobile device.


    Was your first tweet better than your favorite film stars… or ours? See what your first one was here:


    Here’s an idea: The internet is an archive, just not the best one… YET. 

    Fyi, this is called Block justice. If you park like a jerk, I’ll park right up against you.

    Of course the Wells Fargo museum has a modern day atm.

    Get your stinking paws off of me you damn dirty non-millennial marketer. #bigchange

    I fully support LogLog. Cc @zuddzie

    Met a legend. Didn’t make him cry.

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